The Things I Carry: Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil

Scars tell tales.

They are the “free” tattoos that several of us get to carry like battle scars or visual memories.

As I mentioned in my introductory post on this blog, I got a full right hip replacement, which means I have a pretty snazzy scar to prove that I’m bionic.

While now I am proud to flaunt my rather large scar, I used to feel pretty self conscious about having it. This was the reason why I purchased Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Skin Therapy Oil. It is a product that is meant to reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks, dry skin, uneven skin tone, and aging skin.

So if I’m so happy about my scar, why do I still own Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil?

In today’s The Things I Carry post, we’ll discuss why I still keep this around in my home and if I recommend this to be an addition to your skincare routine.

What I love about Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil

  • It’s recommended- Several people I know in my life have recommended this product to me, especially after my surgery.

  • It has cocoa butter- The cocoa butter in this product, as well as, the Vitamin E are known to be great for skin. I love how this oil doesn’t only hydrate, but it provides several other benefits

  • Easy to find- I didn’t have to search far and wide for this. I found it in my local Walgreens and that makes it super easy to get.

  • It’s self-care - Whenever I use this, I feel like I’m taking care of myself and loving myself.

What doesn’t work about Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil

  • It’s oily- While I know it’s a skin therapy oil, which means it’s supposed to be oily, it’s a bit too oily for my taste.

  • The instructions- The bottle says that in order for the oil to be most effective I need to put it on three times a day. Since I like using it on my hip, this makes it close to impossible to do multiple applications a day without staining my clothes.

Other Thoughts about Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil

If it was not obvious from my pros and cons of Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil, it’s that I’m on the fence when it comes to this product. On one hand, I love what it does and what self care means to me. On the other hand, it’s a bit too oily and difficult to use on a daily basis.

In order to “properly” use this product, I need to use it three times a week. However if it leaves my hip greasy, then I can’t wear pants (or anything else for that matter). This means that I then only use it after taking a shower, which then means I don’t see results, and then I wonder if it’s even worth keeping.

However the reason I do keep it around is that I enjoy the idea of treating myself and even if there’s not a huge change in my skin, I do enjoy the feeling of taking care of myself. I am no longer embarrassed by my scar, so it’s not like I want to erase it. I just want to maintain the scar and make sure it looks okay to show off.

Would I recommend Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil to others?

Sure. However, I’d only really highly recommend it if that individual has a visible scar that can keep up with the frequent oiling schedule. I’d also only want to recommend it for people who actively want to take better care of their skin. Otherwise it’ll just be another of many creams and oils that an individual wouldn’t use.

Do You Know a Better Skin Therapy Product?

As I mentioned, I’m not 100% sold on Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil. I have kept it in my skin-care collection because I already own it and want to complete it. That and I do enjoy the fact that I’m taking steps to take better care of my skin.

So if you have any recommendations, I’d love to hear them.

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