The Things I Carry: Victoria's Secret Tease - Eau de Parfum

Want to hear a secret?

I love Victoria’s Secret

I guess that was not much of a secret…

Every year around my birthday, I like to go there and give myself a birthday gift in the form of their notorious Bombshell Bras. They make me feel awesome, amazing, and confident in my own skin. However, something I did not think I’d be a fan of would be their perfume line.

As I mentioned in my introductory post for this series, The Things I Carry, I will be discussing why I have kept my Victoria’s Secret perfume from my Minimalist Adventure. You can consider this an informal review of sorts and if you want to smell “sexy” then this is the perfume for you.

My nose isn’t the best. If I were a dog, I would probably be a professional lap dog as opposed to the ones who sniff out lost people in mountains.

My boyfriend on the other hand has one of the best senses of smell that I know. I’ve personally tested him by spraying specific parts of my body with perfumes and seeing if he could identify not only the location of the scent but which perfume was used as well.


  • My boyfriend likes it- As mentioned above, my significant other has a sensitive nose. The fact that he likes his perfume over the others I’ve sprayed in the years we’ve dated is a huge plus.

  • It’s small- I have the roller that fits on one of the dividers in my nightstand drawer and doesn’t take a lot of room. It also is small enough to be portable whenever I want to take it with me to the city.

  • It’s informative- The rollerball that I own has a case that has the list of ingredients on it. Due to my horrible sense of smell, all I could say is that it smells ‘nice’, but if anyone asks me what it smells like I could answer: It smells like gardenia petals, black vanilla, and frozen pear.

  • It’s pink- The fact that the bottle has pink on it is an added bonus. I love the color pink and I adore how feminine and put together I feel whenever I lift up my bottle and spray. Call me silly, but packaging and presentation is mega important.


  • It’s pricy- As someone who doesn’t have a great sense of smell, this perfume is pricy. I could put on whatever perfume and feel like a million bucks half the time since I cannot distinguish nor do I have a major preference for specific smells.

  • It cannot be refilled- As someone who is attempting to be more ‘green’ and less wasteful with the products I purchase and keep, this perfume has no options to refill or recycle. I’m sure there are not many perfumes that have this option, but it’d be awesome if I could have a perfume that smelled great for my boyfriend and could have less of an impact on the Earth.


Overall, I think Victoria Secrets’ Tease Eau de Parfum and Tease Eau de Parum Rollerball are great. It makes my boyfriend happy whenever I wear it and that results in me feeling extremely confident whenever I wear it. I keep both of my products on my nightstand and will alternate the one I use in the morning or before I go out in the evenings.

I would recommend trying this product in the store before you purchase it. I think perfumes are products that either are amazing for some and absolutely awful for others. This all depends on what fragrances (if any) that you like and what your personal preferences are. Or if you have a significant other who has a sensitive nose, take them to Victoria’s secret and have them smell what they have to offer… Just remember to bring some coffee beans or something to help cleanse their pallet.


As someone who is trying to cut down on the amount of things I own and making sure I own high-quality products, I am always on the look-out for greener or higher quality alternatives to the things I own. I just got a new bottle of Tease for Christmas, but I’d love to hear your recommendations!