Book Series: Reading Report and Review

Do you like to read?

If your answer is yes, then I am sure you struggle with the number of books that there are in the universe to read. It’s difficult to pick up any book to read without thinking, “Gee maybe I should be reading ‘x’ instead”.

This is why I’m going to start a series here for books that I read.

My goal is to read one book a month, ideally I’d love to read at least two a month.

If your answer is no, then consider this series to be a TLDR (too long didn’t read) version of the books that I’ll be reading. You’ll be able to get a brief synopsis of what I learned and perhaps even be inspired to pick up the book (or audiobook) for yourself on a rainy day.

What Will You Expect from Reading Report and Review

You will expect one to two posts per month about a book that I have read.

These books will focus on self-development, business, tidying, and perhaps a random romance novel or two. However depending on any recommendations that I may get, there could be genres outside of those mentioned in a Reading Report and Review.

I will link the book and audiobook (if available) to purchase. While some of these links will be affiliate links, the main purpose of providing these links are to make your life easier. I want to make it as quick, easy, and painless as possible for you to get the book in your hands and/or ears.

Reading Report and Review Format

The way I envision this series will be as outlined below. However with time, this outline may shift and change depending on what proves to be most useful for you guys, my readers.

  • Brief summary

  • Lessons Learned

  • Rating

  • Extra Resources

How I Will Rate Books

I will rate each of the products with the following criteria:

  • Did I personally like the book?

  • Did I find the book helpful, informative, or entertaining?

What Will You Benefit from Reading Report and Review?

Similar to my other series, “The Things I Carry”, what you will get is my point-of-view about a particular book. It will be a real review about what I gained from reading that particular book and whether or not I believe you should spend your valuable time and money on it.

If there is a specific book or a particular piece of information that you want from this series, feel free to tweet at me with your feedback. As always, this blog is not just about me. It’s about helping you with your life’s journey and learning experience so that we can grow together.