The Landmark Forum in Action : 10 Sessions, 1 Point of View

Do you know the Landmark Forum?

If this is the first time you have ever heard of it, let me recommend you to read my post about it first before continuing…

Are you all caught up?


The Landmark Forum in Action is a freebie included with the Landmark Forum.

The concept behind it is that you go through the 10 seminars after you complete the Landmark Forum. This way you continue to practice and develop the skills you picked up during the Landmark Forum.

These seminars happen once a week in the evening for two hours at the Landmark Center. Not only do you attend the weekly lectures, but you also get put into groups and have weekly 1-hour calls. Also, there’s homework, so it’ll keep you busy.

I’m currently towards the end of my Landmark Forum in Action Adventure, so figured now would be the best time to write about it. If anything major happens between now and the actual end, I’ll let you all know.

Why is it called The Landmark Forum in Action?

The reason behind the name is, that the seminars discuss how you apply the Landmark Forum into… Action. All jokes aside, it’s a seminar that pushes you to really practice the art of sharing and being an authentic human being in all aspects of your life.

Without giving anything away, the assignments will encourage you to do the following:

  • Talk to people in your life in an open and authentic way

  • Listen to others without letting your ‘inner voice’ get in the way

  • Evaluate aspects of your life and make it into one worth living

What are the Group Calls in the Forum in Action About?

On our first day of Seminar, we were assigned in small groups of between 4-7 individuals. The goal is to have a group to communicate with on a weekly basis about the assignments and seminars. If we had any questions or remarks about the seminar, the hourly calls would be the time to bring these topics up. These calls also kept us accountable for our progress with our assignments since we could remind each other about the weekly assignments and ask feedback and questions about it as well.

What about my group?

I was assigned to Group 15 which was a group of pretty diverse people. My group consisted of mostly women, but all from different walks of life, different skill sets, backgrounds, and ages.

We spent most of our time on our call going over the lesson of the class, the assignments, and then any leftover time was spent discussing the events and activities happening in our lives. I’m not going to lie, there were times I didn’t want to get on the call, but I got over it and dialed in anyway. Just like there are times in your life where you promise you’ll do something and have to suck it up and follow through.

It was nice having a group of people I could talk with and know they have my back 100%. To be honest, this whole Landmark Adventure has been pretty challenging. Not only has it been a huge time commitment (like any educational program), but due to being the only Landmark graduate of my circle of friends, there has not been a lot of people I’ve been able to talk to about my lessons or Landmark in general.

Which you know is fine, but sometimes you just wanna talk to like-minded people.

And like these calls gave me the safe space where I can talk authentically without fear of judgement or of being too ‘Landmarky’. Yes, I created a new word.

The Good about Forum in Action

As briefly touched upon before, these 10 Seminars are included with your purchase of The Landmark Forum, so it’s definitely worth attending if you already paid for the Forum. However besides the fact that it’s a ‘free’ program, here are some the golden nuggets I got from it:

  • Group 15, my support group and team

  • The ‘push’ to put what I learned into application

  • The realization that I have more time than I thought I had BEFORE taking Landmark… Like, imagine all the things I could do once my seminars are over

  • The lessons gained from other participants sharing.

  • Being able to choose the things in my life and be happy with the majority of my choices

The Bad about Forum in Action

  • The constant up-selling. A lot of my time was wasted sitting as the leader in the room talked about signing up for the next program. This is especially true since I already did the Advanced Course

  • The pressure to invite guests. 15-45 minutes of my time each seminar would be wasted on this. It’d made a difference between getting home at a decent hour to ridiculously late.

  • Lecturing about lateness. While this did not apply to me, I know a lot of the group leaders had to deal with hours upon hours of wasted time due to a person or two being late to a call. Time is precious, knowledge that people are late and then move on.

Is Landmark Forum in Action Worth It?

If you are serious about making a difference in your life and are willing to dedicate time and energy into the Landmark Forum and these seminars, then yes. Absolutely yes. However, like any other educational program, you need to put in the work to get anything out of it. The more you share and involve yourself, the better it gets.

If your circle of friends and your family are not involved in Landmark, this kind of program may put a strain in your relationships. However you could either encourage them to participate with you, or reassure them that these classes are like any educational commitment. It’s a temporary program that has a certain amount of sessions and homework assignments. Once you complete the ten seminars, you get your time back and can actually enjoy and appreciate it more.

How much time do we waste on a weekly basis on watching media on streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu?

This is something that will provide value in your life if you let it. Yes, the whole thing is pricey, but nothing in life is free. The fact that money is on the line means you’ll actually take the classes a lot more seriously.

I have a love-hate relationship with the seminars.

I find the material beneficial, the assignments are good, and the group calls are great as well. However the marketing that is ingrained in the program is something you’ll have to grin and bear… Or in my case, use a timer and wait until it goes past the 25 minute mark before walking out.

As usual, feel free to comment below your questions and thoughts. This is especially true if you have gone through the Landmark Forum in Action course.